CS oktoberfest meeting and beer tasting vol6 @ Miejscówka, Kraków [9 listopada]

CS oktoberfest meeting and beer tasting vol6

18:00 - 01:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Józefińska 4, 30-529 Kraków, Poland
Let's celebrate october in very octoberfest way!

We will gonna do beer tasting. We will try samples of 4 different beers together for FREE. Degustation will be run by Paweł Mrozowicz our CS member and Kraków's tour guide for 11 years who among many others run also: beer, vodka, food, and food pairing tours, he also passed WSET exam (Wine and Spirit Educational Trust)

Plan of the meeting:
1. We start to meet at 6 pm.

2. 7 pm we do beer tasting. Four samples in a raw for FREE. If you will be late than I'm sorry.

3. We will gonna talk about beers but it will be also classical CS meeting which will probably take place till about 1 am.

4. We will organize beer quiz and even beer battle! :)

5. If there will be enough people who would like to take part. We can do beer battle as well. If you want to try yourself. Then plase PM or comment.

6. Please share that with your friends and invite us many people as possible. The more people will come the more events with FREE beer degustation we can organize.

7. If you know any multi tap or multi tap manager who would like to also to invite us for tasting, then please let me know. We still have 2 october's Fridays available! :)

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We are keep doing those Friday genuine CS meetings since december 2014 every SINGLE week. So meeting will always take place even if sometimes location details will be just few hours before. :)
Every two weeks before the party we watch movie with English subtitles (mainly Polish movies) (All the movies screen by me are always in the group: https://facebook.com/groups/GoodMoviesWithPawel/) sometimes there are also concerts. Those extra things are always for FREE. The other friday meetings I'm trying to find a place to try some good local beer. Forget about Polish Carlsberg or Heineken. Think global, drink local!
If you like the idea please like my funpage where you can see some pictures from the previous meetins:

This is very cosy event with chance to talk almost with every participants.
It’s great that you want to catch up with your old Couchsurfing friends but don’t forget that the purpose of the meetings is to meet new people and make newly arrived people feel welcome in Krakow.
If even one person sitting near you doesn’t speak Polish, don’t speak Polish, find a common language.
The lingua franca of the meetings is English.

Let’s try to make everyone feel welcome.

Greet the group when you arrive and say goodbye when you're leaving, regardless of if they’re talking or dancing. A simple hi and bye never hurt anyone.

Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you invite someone from outside of Couchsurfing, let them know that this is how the meetings work
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