Dr Teddy Willsey @strengthcoachtherapy Injury Prevention Seminar @ FORUM treningu, Kraków [od 12 do 13 stycznia]

Dr Teddy Willsey @strengthcoachtherapy Injury Prevention Seminar

12 - 13
08:00 - 20:00

 Strona wydarzenia
FORUM treningu
30-302 Kraków, Poland
Dr Teddy Willsey Seminar «Injury Prevention in S&C „
„Prewencja urazów w treningu przygotowania motorycznego”

Med Coach oraz Forum Treningu mają przyjemność zaprezentować 2 dniowe szkolenie z Doktorem Fizjoterapii Teddym Willseyem.
Tematem styczniowego seminarium będzie prewencja urazów w treningu przygotowania motorycznego!

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FORUM treningu
ul. Konopnickiej 28 / Hotel Forum / Kraków

12/01/2019 sobota
13/01/2019 niedziela

czas trwania: 08:00 – 20:00

— zapewniamy catering / przekąski i napoje / giftboxy / certyfikaty
— szkolenie będzie prowadzone w języku angielskim z konsekutywnym tłumaczeniem na język polski przez branżowego tłumacza

Framework for a 2-day course on strength and conditioning and injury prevention. Introducing prehab principles to strength and conditioning setting. This seminar will review foundational knowledge in movement, mobility, and injury prevention.

▪ Course Overview:
This is a hands-on, workshop-based course where all attendees will hopefully participate in exercise and movement exploration. You will learn how to optimize your movement, mobility, and recovery. The primary focus here is injury prevention through smart training. The course starts with a discussion about why injuries happen and what we can do to prevent them.
Concepts of total stress management and training theory will be reviewed and referenced often. We will then review fundamental movement and mobility patterns. We will discuss how
to progress and regress within these patterns, in order to help with both skill acquisition and injury rehabilitation. We will review our movement maps and discuss how to make every single
movement in the gym both harder and easier. We will discuss the scenarios where you might want to scale things back or make them more challenging. Lastly, and maybe most importantly,
we will put this all into practice with a variety of case studies covering different kinds of clients
and athletes.

▪ Course Objectives:
The purpose of this course is to increases understanding as to WHY we do things in the gym. Every exercise and movement should have a clear goal and justification. The best form of injury prevention is smart exercise. This course will help health and fitness professionals write and create exercise plans. It will provide a foundational look at how to assess a client and implement a training program. Most importantly, the course will offer a well-structured and practical way to implement and progress exercise.

Day 1
• Lecture portion:
• What really reduces injury risk?
• Stress/adaptation
• Things to focus on for recovery
• We will functional movement and functional training. We will discuss
whether corrective exercise si most important for preventing injury, or
smart programming is.
• I explain my principles of movement to introduce a priority based system
that will guide you in determining where you need to focus to keep
yourself injury free.

• There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on health and
fitness. You will learn how to navigate that information and know what
really matters.

• Intro to the major movement patterns
• Lower body: squat, deadlift, bridge, lunge
• Upper body: push and pull
• Core: plank, hollow hold, rotation
• Almost every single gym exercise can be broken down and categorized into one
of these 9 patterns. Within these 9, we will carefully review form and what’s
important to consider.

• Mobility Section
• We will review the most important stretches and mobility movements to stay
• This includes: t-spine, shoulder, arms (elbow/wrist), trunk, hips, and foot/ankle.
• We will also review the idea of gaining mobility and motor control concurrently
in order to guarantee the best results.

• Technique Section.
• This is the time to review and practice our basic movements.
• Posture Section:
• Posture is largely misunderstood. How important is it?
• We know we can’t ignore it—but what do we make of it in training?
• I will show you how I assess posture and what things I consider in programming. I
think it’s important, but I don’t overvalue.

• Preparation and Recovery:
• We end the day with a discussion on how different factors affect our recovery on
a day to day basis. You'll learn about nutrition, sleep, managing psychological
stress, how to develop an effective warm up, and more.

• Open discussion:
• Each day will end with a open forum discussion. Topics discussed usually range
from questions about the course specifically to discussions about business, social
media, and the like.

Day 2
• Assessment
• We start the day with a case study. We want to put into practice what we
learned yesterday. We will go through an assessment as a group and then start
to apply exercise.
• Tolerance and Capacity
• Lecture portion is next. How did this injury in the aforementioned case happen?
We continue to build the framework on stress/recovery balance and how we can
manipulate different factors to optimize the recovery times of our clients. Why
do we get hurt? Does pain always = injury? How do we know when to push
through pain or to stop?

• Movement Maps:
• The Movement Maps are a step by step guide to progression and regression
exercises of each movement pattern. You can easily pick the right exercise for
the right client and challenge them appropriately while engraining proper
technique and motor learning.
• Pain and rehabilitation progression is skill acquisition, but the skill is moving
without pain. We discuss strategies to improve movement proficiency and

• A more specific look at injuries:
• We revisit the process: assess, find aggravating factor, unload, reload, rebuild.
We will also spend time in this section discussing how to talk to your clients and
patients to facilitate healing and healthy movement. Confidence and
psychological reps are part of recovery.

• Final Case Studies
• The afternoon will be taken up by as many case studies as we can fit in. We will
start working with people in the course and what injuries or issues they may
have. We will discuss how to help them train as well as how to rehabilitate.

• Open discussion:
• The second day will end with a final open forum discussion. Topics discussed
usually range from questions about the course specifically to discussions about
business, social media, and the like.

Dr. Teddy Willsey is the owner Healthy Baller Physical Therapy, a performance therapy clinic and gym just outside of Washington, D.C. Dr. Teddy has spent extensive time practicing as both a strength & conditioning coach as well as physiotherapist. Teddy is a writer, speaker, and teacher of all things sports medicine and sports performance. His goal is to bridge the gap between rehab, prehab, training, and strength and conditioning. Teddy has been a gym rat his whole life, he grew up playing American football and spent years competing in powerlifting. He still squats and deadlifts twice his bodyweight. Follow him for daily workout and rehab advice on Instagram @strengthcoachtherapy

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